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Robert Eric Shoemaker

ENOUGH: An Ode to Protest – BEATS, March 2018

Editorial Staff Robert Eric Shoemaker, (Founding) Editor Natalie Earnhart, Editor Kristiane Weeks-Rogers, Marketing BEATS is a union of writers and poets writing from a place of urgency, fueling our work with activist poetics in public spaces. Originated at Naropa University’s... Continue Reading →



When in great pain, the body is not an agent but a vesicle; a storage unit for the public, waiting beyond the body, which sounds off as waves.   The bullet of the state, an entrance and the fissure deepening,... Continue Reading →

BEATS, Eco-Magick Issue, October 2017

0. ECO – MAGICK BEATS. issue 7. October 2017   I. content II. prefatory note (Megan Heise) III. from the editor (Kristiane Weeks-Rogers) Megan Heise IV - V Matt Clifford VI - VII - VIII - IX - X -... Continue Reading →

XXXIV. – XXXXVII. Halloween Night

like stories we whispered under blankets   Tricksters lining every window, laughter-mixed   like stars we counted under cover of night   having lost one child, where do they go?   she was the witch in the well for the... Continue Reading →

Beats, Issue Four, March 2017

Mental Health & Mental Illness: March 2017   A Mercury Complex by Paul Gomez Quit Hitting Yourself, Quit Hitting Yourself by Kaleb Worst Illogically Ordained by Kaleb Worst Stupor by Kaleb Worst I'm Not Sorry by Jessica Pearl Down Reductive Motions by Robert Eric Shoemaker Expiration by Shawnie Hamer Jericho... Continue Reading →

Reductive Motions.

For Catherine Theis. 1/13: Sono tornato, come home once more, City of Big Teeth and adopted you plague bearers, some say. I feed you blood oranges anyway, carciofi alla Romana del viaggio a Roma, verde herbe speronato in gola, di... Continue Reading →

Beats, Issue Two, January 2017

  January 2017. This issue has
 not been formatted to fit your TV. Conflicted by Kaleb Worst Water is Life by Emily Duffy From Bougie to Benevolence by Kristiane Weeks Live Through This by Shelly Robinson Memorandum by Naropa University The Declaration... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Picks: Appointments for the New Administration

If anyone had any hopes of Trump’s administration being more or less “okay” despite his blatant racism and hatred of “elitist” liberal Washington, they are now gone. What we are seeing in terms of appointments by this business mogul and... Continue Reading →

Holiday Survival Guide 2016

Find crazy Aunt Trish’s liquor cabinet, hide in the bathroom with a bottle, and vent to us here. - Shawnie Hamer I was born and raised in Bakersfield, California. You may have heard it get made fun of by Chandler’s dad... Continue Reading →

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