Writing from a Place of Urgency


Natalie Earnhart

ENOUGH: An Ode to Protest – BEATS, March 2018

Editorial Staff Robert Eric Shoemaker, (Founding) Editor Natalie Earnhart, Editor Kristiane Weeks-Rogers, Marketing BEATS is a union of writers and poets writing from a place of urgency, fueling our work with activist poetics in public spaces. Originated at Naropa University’s... Continue Reading →


BEATS, Home Issue, December 2017

  CONTENTS Consenting to the Emergency by J'Lyn Chapman How My Father Changed Northern Minnesota by Lennie Hay On Nights When I Am Motherless by Sarah Escue The Road Home by Lindsay Stewart flow grasses by Ivy Walker The Ungardening by... Continue Reading →

I Wish I Could Hum Your Sugar Square

Natalie Earnhart   Sugar babe, I’m tired of you. Ain’t your honey but the way you do Sugar babe, it’s all over now. All I want my babe to do Make five dollars and give me two Sugar babe, it’s... Continue Reading →

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