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Kristiane Weeks-Rogers

ENOUGH: An Ode to Protest – BEATS, March 2018

Editorial Staff Robert Eric Shoemaker, (Founding) Editor Natalie Earnhart, Editor Kristiane Weeks-Rogers, Marketing BEATS is a union of writers and poets writing from a place of urgency, fueling our work with activist poetics in public spaces. Originated at Naropa University’s... Continue Reading →


BEATS, Home Issue, December 2017

  CONTENTS Consenting to the Emergency by J'Lyn Chapman How My Father Changed Northern Minnesota by Lennie Hay On Nights When I Am Motherless by Sarah Escue The Road Home by Lindsay Stewart flow grasses by Ivy Walker The Ungardening by... Continue Reading →

Dear Ink Coffee on Larimer

Kristiane Weeks-Rogers   Your November 2017 red sandwich-board screams beyond the north Denver brick-box district:   Happily gentrifying the neighborhood since 2014.   Not many people get you, but I think I get you. Ink, your sign is like a... Continue Reading →

BEATS, Eco-Magick Issue, October 2017

0. ECO – MAGICK BEATS. issue 7. October 2017   I. content II. prefatory note (Megan Heise) III. from the editor (Kristiane Weeks-Rogers) Megan Heise IV - V Matt Clifford VI - VII - VIII - IX - X -... Continue Reading →

III. (from the editor)

Evolve from     [                      ] with everything cycling cycling with sun, with human, with anima as if…   Pulling a card can evoke some spark, some want or…   change is just energy in action; mustard seed touch   to touch touch... Continue Reading →

XX. Oracle

Sea glass: a single frosted shard to show for all the planning undone. “Mystic coincidence,” he says, but words don’t create a path— What are we supposed to follow? Life is how it is, not how it was… Pale razor... Continue Reading →

XXXXVIII. with thanks

With special thanks to everyone who has contributed. Eco-magicks could not be possible without each and every one of us working together. This is crucial in the current age.   This issue was edited and printed by Kristiane Weeks-Rogers and... Continue Reading →

Beats, Issue Four, March 2017

Mental Health & Mental Illness: March 2017   A Mercury Complex by Paul Gomez Quit Hitting Yourself, Quit Hitting Yourself by Kaleb Worst Illogically Ordained by Kaleb Worst Stupor by Kaleb Worst I'm Not Sorry by Jessica Pearl Down Reductive Motions by Robert Eric Shoemaker Expiration by Shawnie Hamer Jericho... Continue Reading →

Beats, Issue Two, January 2017

  January 2017. This issue has
 not been formatted to fit your TV. Conflicted by Kaleb Worst Water is Life by Emily Duffy From Bougie to Benevolence by Kristiane Weeks Live Through This by Shelly Robinson Memorandum by Naropa University The Declaration... Continue Reading →

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