Beats: A Naropan Periodical

Writing from a Place of Urgency

Reductive Motions.

For Catherine Theis. 1/13: Sono tornato, come home once more, City of Big Teeth and adopted you plague bearers, some say. I feed you blood oranges anyway, carciofi alla Romana del viaggio a Roma, verde herbe speronato in gola, di... Continue Reading →


I’m Not Sorry

That I love you, even though you [          ] me. You cried afterwards.   That I didn’t realize at the time [                                        ] I lost my virginity to a vacant lifeguard You have a thing for fifteen-year-olds I lost your... Continue Reading →


  Every moment of your life is music: then one day, either by accident, or for something (unknowable) you done, the music: gone.   -By Kaleb Worst, Heart Beat

Illogically Ordained

Ahora, our halos are hung out like crisp white flags from sunken bunkers. Never meant to make my bed such a battlement. They said the going would be slow, despacio, distinct in its absence of knowing. Shadows of redwoods. In... Continue Reading →

Quit Hitting Yourself, Quit Hitting Yourself

It's like that, but the bruises are your best self being boned, drudged, left to spoil alone. All miracles are so quick to desert me but my hells are a thousand times themselves. Engulf ground you walk on, raze every... Continue Reading →

A Mercury Complex

I became caught up in the excitement of it all when I was young, following my mother to her Transcendental Meditation Hindu Voodoo meetings and middle of the forest hippie enclaves. I didn’t do any drugs, of course, I was... Continue Reading →

Mental Illness, Motherhood and Writers:

A Conversation on the Prevalence of Mental Illness Among Writers, the Challenges of Motherhood in Writing, and the Lineage That is Passed to the Next Generation. This is a poem I wrote when I was pregnant with my son, and it’s named... Continue Reading →


1. Yesterday, January 27, was International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Trump’s official statement about the Holocaust failed to mention the victims of that nightmare, namely Jews, Romanis, gay people, or any other group that the Nazis deemed unfit for their idea of... Continue Reading →

PERFORMANCE: Blackboard/Whiteboard by Eric Shoemaker

This video of the performance was from the March 2nd 7:00p show at BMOCA...   ...Read More from the Performance Program

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