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“Writing from a place of urgency.”

Call for submissions:

No open submissions


We accept submissions from EVERYONE! If you have something to say, we want to hear it! If you would like to write with us, please consider the following:

  1. We are both a print and online periodical. We encourage the use of either/both platform in devising your piece. Note that online-only content should be formatted with WordPress in mind.
  2. All submissions should be sent as an attachment in a Word file–please no PDFs.
  3. We love work that incorporates social justice, politics, poetry, narrative, polemic, and more! Surprise us.
  4. Our current platforms include these categories (but don’t feel confined): blog entries, Facebook, Twitter, and print issues on a loose theme. Our print issues are assembled by hand and photocopied. Note, we don’t do much digital design with our print issues, so keep it simple and text-based.
  5. Got an event idea? Throw it our way!

Thank you for your interest! All submissions should be sent to beatsperiodical.naropa@gmail.com

To contact the editor of BEATS for other matters, please fill out the form below.