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ENOUGH: An Ode to Protest – BEATS, March 2018

Editorial Staff Robert Eric Shoemaker, (Founding) Editor Natalie Earnhart, Editor Kristiane Weeks-Rogers, Marketing BEATS is a union of writers and poets writing from a place of urgency, fueling our work with activist poetics in public spaces. Originated at Naropa University’s... Continue Reading →



When in great pain, the body is not an agent but a vesicle; a storage unit for the public, waiting beyond the body, which sounds off as waves.   The bullet of the state, an entrance and the fissure deepening,... Continue Reading →

For the year 2018, there has been an average of 1 school shooting per week

For the year 2018, there has been an average of 1 school shooting per week-- which educational setting will be added to this image next week?

denver, 3.24.2018

-Samantha Moore

feel it

-Samantha Moore

There should be a background check…

“There should be a background check before the NRA is allowed to buy a senator.”

They Were in Holocaust History Class 

To the students with the horror of the pogroms unfathomable rupture of flesh in their mind’s eye, devising essays   in the aura of learning   thinking how (only more ineffably) could this happen   & could it happen here?... Continue Reading →

Denver Homelessness Action Plan

Brantley Weeks   Introduction 5,116. This is the number of homeless people surveyed by the Metropolitan Denver Homeless Initiative (MDHI) on January 30, 2017. Reports show that Denver homelessness has experienced a 6 percent increase, in 2016, and a 24.3... Continue Reading →

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