A lyric poem to march by.


The youth of this nation

marched across over 800 cities vocalizing frustration

calling for the attention of our government

to make a change for the betterment

to wise up and rise up

with their eyes up

protecting kids and education

rather than guns and dated legislation

for thoughts and prayers

do not show that you care

it’s the decisions you make

for these children’s sake

which will change their day to day

and allow them to play

without dismay

or fears that someday

they will need to outrun

the sound of a gun

these are their concerns

how do you expect them to learn

when every possible turn

down the halls of their school

could place a cruel

destiny in their hands

so please listen to their demands

on these bans

try to understand

we need you to take a stance

so their fate

is focused on play dates

rather than security of their schoolmates

because we chose you to delegate

and legislate

not simply commiserate

and relegate

when we need you to regulate

without a hesitate

so forget your bribes

and put your differences aside

please recognize

that nationwide

as we march for our lives

our voices are amplified

because kids are terrified

so do not act undignified

taking NRA bids

when you should be protecting the kids


Megan Sacco