Writing from a Place of Urgency


December 2017

BEATS, Home Issue, December 2017

  CONTENTS Consenting to the Emergency by J'Lyn Chapman How My Father Changed Northern Minnesota by Lennie Hay On Nights When I Am Motherless by Sarah Escue The Road Home by Lindsay Stewart flow grasses by Ivy Walker The Ungardening by... Continue Reading →


Consenting to the Emergency / the Emergent as Consensuality

J'Lyn Chapman   There was The space between [her / his] face and how I felt about it where sunlight condensed from what once was sun a perspiration of minutes sweating between us the door love practiced in me swung... Continue Reading →

How My Father Changed Northern Minnesota

Lennie Hay  

On Nights When I Am Motherless

Sarah Escue   Through the limbs of an ash tree, ash filters, reminds me of the nights we watched the storm from the front door, your cigarette smoke blown through the screen. Tonight, the mutt’s holler rolls over the hills... Continue Reading →

The Road Home

Lindsay Stewart  

flow grasses

22x30, acrylic and pastel on paper Ivy Walker

The Ungardening

Sarah Escue   Fields grow numb with winter. Through pines, the throaty pink hour of evening staggers, like a sleepy child heavy on her feet. Need I remind you? All that's still once fell. In the garden, a maple unwrites... Continue Reading →

A Return of Home

Whitney H.B.   Raindrops lick her star-gazed pricked skin As sensory as her ancestors, Anatomically autonomy, among her own- her pores open and swallow. And when the first autumn filled cool air crush- she's been scribbling in her journal, returns... Continue Reading →

What the Potato Gave Roger

Brice Maiurro   On the day his wife passed away, Roger Carlson got to carving out the inside of their prize winning giant potato. The potato was a Yukon Gold potato, named as such for being found near the Yukon... Continue Reading →

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