Writing from a Place of Urgency


November 2017

X. Dododo You wanna come with me…

hehehe   It’s the thing to do Nanana   There’s a voice in the distance I want to follow that I’ve heard how the other side ends and I’d rather chase perfect language screaming into voids until they find me the nothing... Continue Reading →



The alarm clock drops like a small little mouse armed with small little chopsticks pounding high pitched digital beats into your temple two hands at a time. Who dropped their mouse into the hands of time and told him to... Continue Reading →

XII. Hermit Naming

The Button Rock Hermit has had a lot of names. She was once called the Woman of the Fog. They called her the Vixen. She was known as Mistress Coyote, the Grackle, the Rootress, the Painter, the Mountain Spirit, and... Continue Reading →

XIII. Why Chase Hermits

Here in the foothills we wayfind with small cairns and pine knowledge. We’ve searched for the Button Rock Hermit through all our dreams and along all these trails but usually only see flashes of a tattered jacket and footprints on... Continue Reading →

XIX. Dear Hummingbird,

I hope all is well in the Sierra. This is what the pegmatite had to say about the human question. “The contraculture to rain is the explosion of lichen color in the theater of absurd human track, the great machismo... Continue Reading →

XX. Oracle

Sea glass: a single frosted shard to show for all the planning undone. “Mystic coincidence,” he says, but words don’t create a path— What are we supposed to follow? Life is how it is, not how it was… Pale razor... Continue Reading →

XXI. Twin Flame Blues

My shadows knew it, gazing into your eyes then: More light was needed.                                       SIMONE LIGGINS

XXII. Rune Musings with Samiya

I slinked 1,000 miles away just to get a fresh breath on my own. The wounded warrior from the battles is tired of the tedium. Am I seeing what needs to be known on my Gemini Twin’s day? The battered... Continue Reading →

XXIII. Pedigree, Destiny, 23 & Me

It’s true: I’ve no blue blood to boast. My lineage is messy, my power’s been denied. I have my own stories of being tried— still kept the Craft cradled longer than most. But a witch is always a woman in... Continue Reading →

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