on their horses in the mesa plain.

Fluffy the cat sits on the farm.

Oh, shit. My arm fell off. What do I do now?


Dig this.

Rolling in mud.

White walls coated with mud.

Mud slides.

Dirt and Grime.

Green grass chopped, churned, slime.


Drowning in lost water.

Black circle, orange hole,

my clock is stuck on 10:44.

Sailing across a flat yellow surface.

Got lost in a grey fog,

shot down below the surface.

Suffocated by suffering,

trying to escape this sadistic existence.


Below the surface, suffocating.

It would be better if I were a fish.

Sniffing lines of coke off a key,

driving down the freeway swerving

in and out of lanes

Easily could have died today.

Forced back and decapitated,

eviscerated and eliminated.

Blacked out, lost in a sea of filth.