hehehe   It’s the thing to do

Nanana   There’s a voice in the distance

I want to follow that

I’ve heard how the other side ends and

I’d rather chase perfect language

screaming into voids until they find me

the nothing I really mean

Understand me

I understand nothing (Neither do you)

This is my message

Fuck me in the paradox

Let ye without houses cast the first rocks

There are no more walls and

All pants are off

The Lord giveth

The police taketh away

I am going to destroy my creator in their very worst ways

Turn creditor against creditor

until the earth grows so tired of our drama

it gets Bible God-ding on our asses

and leaves only Sodom & Gomorrah

Paradise Restored

Glorious silence blows between peaceful anarchists

They make up fairy tales to tell each other

under shady trees eating rescued apples

in the concrete garden they are about to burn down

and light their grass off of,

Walk away smiling,

Long hair shining,


My oh my

It’s a lovely sun tonight


You coming, Mary?                                               MATT CLIFFORD