I feel very inspired by your current call for submissions. I am thinking about what exactly is eco and what exactly is magicks and these are wonderful things to have on my mind. For me what comes first to mind are the works that I make from my daily tarot practice. Tarot helps keep me grounded and make sense of & more healthily process my world, whether it is saying fuck off to a crush who’s kind of a dick or dealing with the complex emotions of celebrating a teen’s second birthday spent living in a refugee camp. I don’t know, I am a human with a multitude of experiences & tarot holds a space for that. I also want to say that the greatest magick in my life is community & maybe that is what all of this is about. My community is large and broad and diverse and, like tarot, helps ground me and holds space for me even as I hold space for it/them. This is the most profound magick I can recall ever having experienced, and it astounds me every day.