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November 2017

BEATS, Eco-Magick Issue, October 2017

0. ECO – MAGICK BEATS. issue 7. October 2017   I. content II. prefatory note (Megan Heise) III. from the editor (Kristiane Weeks-Rogers) Megan Heise IV - V Matt Clifford VI - VII - VIII - IX - X -... Continue Reading →


III. (from the editor)

Evolve from     [                      ] with everything cycling cycling with sun, with human, with anima as if…   Pulling a card can evoke some spark, some want or…   change is just energy in action; mustard seed touch   to touch touch... Continue Reading →

IV. sweet sixteen

Draw: The Guild Message: Find your place. Root into deeper soil. Feel held by the shape the world offers you or recognize if you need to resist it. Shore up your single self through collaboration. Join forces with lineages, unbroken... Continue Reading →

II. prefatory note

I feel very inspired by your current call for submissions. I am thinking about what exactly is eco and what exactly is magicks and these are wonderful things to have on my mind. For me what comes first to mind... Continue Reading →

V. addendum

Draw: Seven of Branches Message: Your fierce protection of yourself is honorable. Sometimes, however, the best use of your fire is not casting out demons, but illuminating them and preparing for their eventual transformation into qualities and skills that serve... Continue Reading →

VI. fuck infatuation…

Says the fool in love I don’t even know you What are you but a mirror? What am I but a narcissist? Mirror, Mirror of a girl Pray tell how beautiful my soul Show me what you got A reflection... Continue Reading →

VII. It took two days to get up…

past time. I was trying to create beauty and something died. I was trying to create anything, meaning, I was trying to believe and something died. I rolled over and found nothing, the other side. It asked why before I... Continue Reading →

VIII. Bored

Boredom is violent Without love It needs more Love can be demanded but no one has to listen There is a man outside my door unknocking I gave him the trigger and the reason If I want to go outside... Continue Reading →

IX. Nothing tells you…

what you know. You know nothing. Trying to know deeper. Essential be in it. Contrast between void and oblivion. One has motion. Am I moving? I haven’t moved in over a year, the room is my own. They hear me... Continue Reading →

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