Within the $ystem,
everything created
is for the worth of the $ystem
and the $ystem heads,
at the expense of the proletariat.


spend life

working for money

and spending that money

on goods made for the $ystem, by the $ystem

think Walmart.
the entire middle class is a great machine
for the government
to fund war, withhold resources

what the people create is not theirs, it belongs to the $ystem

what the people spend their money on

feeds back into the $ystem

So here we are for decades

the many

with few–

we have been working

and working

not actually making a single thing

no thing you can call your own
not a room
not your children
not their future
not your home.

If you see nothing else, see this:

we don’t need capitalism-
it needs us.

though some things are much more challenging to circumvent
like paying rent

we must have the least number of expenses possible

stop working for money
and instead for the kind of resources that you personally value:
food, land, textiles, tools, instruments, water

we must stop working for other people’s money

we must find collective needs

and work towards collective ends

like spaces that we own together

spaces we create

you can source your own shit!

recycle shit

make your own shit

the shit doesn’t really matter

but making it will

your table will be YOUR TABLE

not Walmart’s.
grow your own food!


(food for thought:

soul food

is food too)
make your own art!

trade your art for others’ art

grow your own weed, your own tobacco, your own fruit tree

support local artists and

people who care about what they make
be aware of what actually comes from the ground of your city

what’s on the ground?

in more than one sense

what grows in your city?

What culture?
What climate?
What words?
What ideas?
What kind of love?

how much of
what you consume today
isn’t yours?
isn’t nourishing?

you are what you eat:
consume what you create 

make less waste
eat your trash
put it in your own backyard

because capitalism is a great illusion
like the wizard of Oz and his tiny dick
like every advertisement for shit you don’t need

capitalism is illusive
first to individuals, then to communities, and finally to social problems
it’s ill
it’s sick

and not the cool kind of sick
like a gnarly wave

capitalism is a ghastly wave
dishonest to the soul
tendering domination

it’s not awesome

it’s gross

it is built on racism, on slavery,

on murder, on war, on exploitation, on bullshit
its okay
i love you

but capitalism doesn’t give a fuck about you

keep growing

art is good
do your art
make what’s good

art can be anything with soul
especially if it’s useful
especially if it’s productive
especially if it keeps you fed
it’s anything that shows us our beauty, our humanity,
that reminds us that capitalism is made up,
that reminds us that anything that makes us deeply happy
is good for us

don’t let anyone tell you that it isn’t important if it doesn’t make you money

if it makes you happy
(truly happy in your heart and your face and all the way to your toes)
then it is fucking important,
so much more important than making money

making money to spend money in this country of access 
is simply buying into ignorance

the ignorance that it takes to support immoral practices

the ignorance that it takes to fund killing

to fund stealing

and not the cute kind of stealing

this is the kind of stealing
that takes childhoods away from children

the kind of stealing that requires centuries of healing

requires centuries of re-thinking,
un-building, destroying,
repetitive and un-fuckwithable amounts of healing


don’t ignore.

heal heal heal

and do so with and for other people

trade what you make for what they make

live abundance

see money

not as abundance,
not even as wealth,
not security,
and certainly not happiness

but see the number on your bank statement
as how much you have bought into capitalism.

that is all that number means

this is your challenge

that’s it.

Can you un-buy yourself out of the system?
Can you leave behind what worth you see in that number?
Can you be bigger than a number?
Can you be more than a pawn of ignorance in this short lifetime?

i think

you can

you can create


you can be more beautiful
than money ever could

you have to believe in making art

and maybe making love

and do it yourself.

-Renee Marino