Almost one full year since the election of 2016,

BEATS affiliates took the opportunity to reflect

on our country, our state, our polis

and see what there is to see in the mirror we hold up:

has anything changed?

is our resolve as strong?

where do we pull inspiration from?

who is with us?



Quote Hunter S Thompson… who did not vote because he believed it encouraged them to keep holding elections…
“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”


Paul Gomez


“When the weird turn pro, the pro blows his head off.”


Joshua Musicant


“End of the night,

watching Venus disappear”
Wakin’ up neighbors


Travis Newbill



All these woke people on social media—

What when we say


is a soul

and how does it

wake up

Quantify: a part

designated by Intelligent Design (ours or another’s)

I’m interested in the connections between the word “soul” and the rhetorical anomaly/oblivion we find ourselves in when we use “that word”. Can we (im)prove the existence of a soul? Does a human have to have a soul to have worth? Can we disentangle ourselves from the meaninglessness of a catch-over from Medieval philosophical thought, religious thought?

and what the part can do—

sleep, or wake,

When we say woke, we may

mean something

That we want people to be made to be awake, to wake them up, we want people to understand the violence in the world and the violence we do to one another with/out touch— people want to lessen the violence, and they say it’s emotional, but I want to counter that emotional violence is physical violence and leaves its mark on the “soul”

we don’t understand.

demand for a woke soul

With the soul?

Where in the body is love stored?

Where is joy—


my joy for the joy of all

when we say joy

awakening joyful rage

when rage is righteous?

What is righteous (rage)—

demand for

justice in the individual,

for the common good.

If you wake up, is it in an absurd world? Do you want what’s “good” for others, or do your pursue selfishness because now you see, now you know, there’s nothing good about the world on its own, so you can choose to do good for yourself or for others, or maybe both, but only when it suits you?

How, love?

When you say “love”

do you mean

love me?


Robert Eric Shoemaker





1. Protect the downside

1. Aim to preserve

synonyms: defend, shield, cushion, insulate, hedge, shelter, screen, secure, fortify, watch over, look after, take care of, keep; inoculate
the good


Kristiane Weeks-Rogers




I want to live in a country I’m proud of. A place where diversity, weirdness, and queerness are cherished, celebrated. A place where anyone can be who they want to be without fear, judgment, or hatred. And we’re continuously trying to build this place together. We’re trying. And it’s hard and seems nearly impossible at times. But as long as we’re trying and working and moving and educating and sharing and encouraging and raising hell and creating and loving, we’ll win. We’ll always fucking win. 


Sarah Escue