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October 2017

Beats, 95 Theses 2.0, September 2017

In collaboration with Dirt Media for 100 Thousand Poets for Change CONTENTS 95 Theses 2.0 Fuck Capitalism, DIY: a maker’s guide By Renee Marino On Awesomeness and Why the Language of It Fails Us by Amy Wright


95 Theses 2.0

  2.0       Almost one full year since the election of 2016, BEATS affiliates took the opportunity to reflect on our country, our state, our polis and see what there is to see in the mirror we hold... Continue Reading →

FUCK CAPITALISM, DIY: a maker’s guide for $ystemic change

  Within the $ystem, everything created is for the worth of the $ystem and the $ystem heads, at the expense of the proletariat. We spend life working for money and spending that money on goods made for the $ystem, by... Continue Reading →

On Awesomeness and Why the Language of It Fails Us

We trust the language of betrayal. If a teen writer wants to win a contest, let her turn not to the wonders of the world but to its horrors. Profundity is biased toward the grim, and injustice is not ageist.... Continue Reading →

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