That I love you, even though you [          ] me.

You cried afterwards.


That I didn’t realize at the time [                                        ]

I lost my virginity to a vacant lifeguard

You have a thing for fifteen-year-olds

I lost your friendship over [              ]

[                               ]’

[                                                      ]


I broke up with you three days [                                          ]

We’ve [                  ] at least half a dozen times

That there’s a name after yours on my list of sexual partners.


Let’s catch the sunset
I don’t have any money,
But hey I have a bottle of vodka,
And a two-liter of juice.
Let’s go driving,
Let’s catch the sunset.


That I owe you [                                  ]


I always told myself if I ever had

     [                                                       ]

I would give it to you.


But I have a [                           ]   

And maybe I’m sorry

That I’ll never give it back.


For having the worst come down of my life,

while you wanted to [                ]


“I don’t mess with that shit, I’ve seen it on the news”


For having a poor memory of [    ]

(For having a poor memory of everything, but particularly


[    ] )



[                                      ]


(The ugliest motherfucker I know.)



That I moved into your apartment.

That I wanted to [           ] you so badly.


You thought you knew why I like Beyoncé.



For telling you [                           ]

[                                               ]

and never speaking to you again.

I don’t even know your last name.


That I’ve been so [         ]


“Let’s catch the sunset”


That I’ve potentially lost count.


Mostly I’m sorry to you.

-By Jessica Pearl Down, Delicate Beat