If anyone had any hopes of Trump’s administration being more or less “okay” despite his blatant racism and hatred of “elitist” liberal Washington, they are now gone. What we are seeing in terms of appointments by this business mogul and reality show host are nothing less than irresponsible (I would say surprising, but based on this year’s shocking election season, it wouldn’t surprise me if he appointed Mister Ed the Talking Horse). Most of the appointees have little or no government experience, a disturbing number of them are exceedingly wealthy and are or have been higher-ups in Goldman-Sachs, and it looks like none of them believe in climate change.


(Attaching the word “believe” to something that 97% of climate scientists say is real is ridiculous).


For those keeping score, here is the list of names straight from the center of white male billionaire hell; after all, what can we expect from someone with a lawsuit against him once a month? I’ve done my best to compile it with care. Other than the appointees that don’t require confirmation, we have to hope the legislative branch enacts at least a few checks and balances.


Fasten your seat belts.



State: Rex Tillerson


A Putin-friend and the outgoing chairman of oil magnate ExxonMobil. Still has a big interest (obviously) in keeping Exxon rich, judging by his 151 million dollars in stock in the company. No government experience. Climate change denier. Will Russia benefit from this appointment? Yes, I think yes.


Chief Strategist: Steve Bannon


White supremacist. Anti-Semitic. Little government experience. Self-described Darth Vader fan. We could devote a whole post to this guy. Yikes.


Education: Betsy DeVos


Exceedingly wealthy. Has not attended and does not believe in the public school system, which she is now at the head of— she’d rather use vouchers. But she does run an organization that advocates for children…


Attorney General: Jeff Sessions


Early Trump supporter. Immigration reformist. Possibly one the most racist in the bunch, based on a former attempt at a federal judgeship which was shot down. Thought the KKK was okay “until I found out they smoked pot.”


CIA: Mike Pompeo


Historically pro-torture in the CIA. Falsely accused Muslim leaders and organizations of not condemning terrorist acts.


Energy: Rick Perry


Climate Change denier. Formerly anti-Trump. Also formerly against the Energy Department…


Housing and Urban Development: Ben Carson


Critic of welfare. No government experience. Compares same-sex marriage to pedophilia. Wasn’t too keen on taking an appointment.


EPA: Scott Pruitt


Climate Change denier. Enemy of the EPA. Into fossil fuels. Wants to dismantle the EPA…?


Labor: Andrew Puzder


Restaurant owner. Doesn’t like Obamacare. Opponent of minimum wage laws because they would “hurt workers” by causing restaurants to close…


Health and Human Services: Tom Price


Staunch opponent of Obamacare. Pro-life. Historical, vehement opposition to Planned Parenthood.


National Security Advisor: Michael Flynn


Claimed that “fear of Muslims is RATIONAL”, and much more. Yikes.


Defense: James Mattis


Retired Marine General, having led troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. A fixture of the Marines for his rough-and-tumble talk, and extremely respected in many circles. Requires a special federal waiver to be appointed, having only been out of active service for three years (instead of the required seven). And he’s nicknamed “Mad Dog”… endearingly?


Homeland Security: John Kelly


Retired Marine General who lost his son to battle in Afghanistan. Reportedly responsible for Guantánamo Bay fiasco, at least partially.


Treasury: Steven Mnuchin


Goldman-Sachs. Called the “Foreclosure King”… endearingly? Priority is tax reform. No government experience.


Commerce: Wilbur Ross


Billionaire investor. Wants to restore American manufacturing.


Transportation: Elaine Chao


Is a fixture of Republican Washington and actually has government experience! Married to Mitch McConnell. Also very wealthy.


UN Ambassador: Nikki Haley


Governor of South Carolina. Removed Confederate flag! And… doesn’t have any international experience in a position like this.


Interior: Ryan Zinke


Former Navy SEAL. Wants to keep public lands under federal ownership.


Small Business Administration: Linda McMahon


Very, very wealthy. Ran the WWE (what?). Huge donor to the Trump campaign. Also CEO of a women’s business organization.


Chief of Staff: Reince Priebus


Chairman of the RNC.


White House Counsel: Donald McGahn II


Bush appointee. Specializes in election law.

Written by Robert Eric Shoemaker, Resolved-to-Make-2017-Better Beat

This list was corroborated with information from the New York Times, CNN, and the Huffington Post, as well as some of our more plugged-in friends.