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January 2017


  Here is something I want you to hear, white people. You are free. But we… are loose. These the words of a mother whose daughter shipped overseas to lay down her life for wretches like me. We print swim... Continue Reading →



  FROM: Regina Smith, Interim Director of Diversity and Inclusion SUBJECT: DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION CALL TO COMMITMENT DATE: MAY 2016   MEMORANDUM TO THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES On Thursday April 21st 2015, Decolonized Commons, the student-led movement protesting racial injustice,... Continue Reading →

Beats, Issue Two, January 2017

  January 2017. This issue has
 not been formatted to fit your TV. Conflicted by Kaleb Worst Water is Life by Emily Duffy From Bougie to Benevolence by Kristiane Weeks Live Through This by Shelly Robinson Memorandum by Naropa University The Declaration... Continue Reading →

Live Through This

  Memory: It’s the year 2000. It seems no different than 1999. Music is the same. Politics are the same. There’s a presidential election, but that means nothing to me. I’m not old enough to vote. I ask my parents... Continue Reading →

The Declaration of Independence, Erased

  When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth the separate and equal station to... Continue Reading →

Water is Life

  “Water is Life” — social media and anima mundi “The stars we are given. The constellations we make. That is to say, stars exist in the cosmos, but constellations are the imaginary lines we draw between them, the readings... Continue Reading →

From Bougie to Benevolence

  Since moving into the Denver metro area over a year and a half ago, I have seen the severity of the homelessness issue first-hand in Boulder and Denver alike. There is a two-block area around North Denver, off of... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Picks: Appointments for the New Administration

If anyone had any hopes of Trump’s administration being more or less “okay” despite his blatant racism and hatred of “elitist” liberal Washington, they are now gone. What we are seeing in terms of appointments by this business mogul and... Continue Reading →

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