Beats: A Naropan Periodical

Writing from a Place of Urgency

Join us for 100 Thousand Poets


Summer Writing Program 2017

HOWL: A Ginsberg Birthday Party at the FOX

Beats: A Naropan Periodical is enamored with the opportunity to host HOWL: A Ginsberg Birthday Party at Boulder’s own Fox Theatre! Join us! Boulder Weekly Presents a showing co-hosted by Beats, Naropa University, Poetry Is, and the Jack Kerouac School... Continue Reading →

JUSTIFICATION: Blackboard/Whiteboard by Eric Shoemaker

BLACKBOARD / WHITEBOARD Identity as Installation justification by Robert Eric Shoemaker of his performance/installation script -- “I’m not really here I’m only the shape of the emptiness that holds me the inner space of those dancing molecules again only in... Continue Reading →

Beats, Issue Four, March 2017

Mental Health & Mental Illness: March 2017   A Mercury Complex by Paul Gomez Quit Hitting Yourself, Quit Hitting Yourself by Kaleb Worst Illogically Ordained by Kaleb Worst Stupor by Kaleb Worst I'm Not Sorry by Jessica Pearl Down Reductive Motions by Robert Eric Shoemaker Expiration by Shawnie Hamer Jericho... Continue Reading →

To My Fourteen Year Old Self and Self Injurers Everywhere

I see survival instinct I see plastic easter eggs holding razor blades packed away in backpacks and lockers tissues compressing issues lying just beneath the surface pouring out red here, let me stain that for you because a fourteen year... Continue Reading →

Activated Charcoal

for babies that love colorful liquids found under the sink people who can't read labels or those who don't want to wake up the next morning, or ever   suck it in 8 pills because you want to die but... Continue Reading →


when left alone squat and keep your head between your knees remember to breathe keep breathing if you forget you'll hyperventilate and brown paper bags aren't exactly 'in' this season   where is your phone who is there to tell... Continue Reading →


Does This Policy Cover Suicide Of The Insured Mothers? Suicide of the Insured the mother, while sane or insane within 2 years of the issue date, is not covered by this policy. In the event of suicide dragon-wax spillage this policy... Continue Reading →

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